Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Small Steps

Are the steps to achieving larger goals. Every morning I set goals for the day. Being physically limited in what I can do, I carefully set my goals to be able accomplish my daily small steps.

I've learned that the hardest step is always the first one. When I decided I as going to move to the sticks, I realized I had to take things a step at a time. Too many people never take the first step to accomplish thier dreams and thus never achieve them.

If you overthink things, you will never accomplish anything in life. At some point you must stop thinking and start acting. Turn the brain off and do it. Knowing when to think it out and knowing when to act is an art form.

I get up in the morning, fix a cup of coffee, turn on my computer. I write down my plan for the day (using my software ArisNote of course, this why I developed it). Writing down your plans allows you to keep and track the progress of your goals. Comparing the daily notes you keep, allow you to get an overview of your progress.

Setting milestones and accomplishing them is how you get things done. I have found that if you start someplace, work hard daily, you will get there. If you say you can't do it, you never will.

Monday, April 21, 2014

El Cheapo Garden

I hadn't intended to grow much of a garden this year. My goal was to keep it cheap. I've only spent $10 for plants and I did spend about $7 for a seed starter tray/with soil and a few seeds. So far I have spent $17. I may pick a few more plants, such as some herbs. Maybe some Stevia if my Mint survived the winter. Mint tea with stevia is relaxing. But want to keep the cost of this years garden to about $25 max.

I am simply reusing the soil I bought over the last 3 years. Support poles, chicken wire, etc. I still have fertilizer from last year. This is still a far smaller garden than the last 3 years. But where I live, I get food cheap.

It's cheaper to just to buy some stuff. I spend a fraction on food compared to most people. My wife and I eat good on about $150 a month or so. No, I don't use food stamps either, I just know where to shop and how to find good quality food for very little cost. I go to this Menonite store and get food for about 50% of what it costs a the Local Save A Lot or Wally World.

Peas, carrots, potatoes are a fraction of the cost around here. So I am going to focus on the foods I'd pay more for. Peppers, Zucchini, Eggplant are high cost items. These I will grow myself, buy the stuff I can get cheap. Lettuce is so easy to grow and cost too much in a store, so I'll plant plenty of lettuce.

I have started planting some stuff outside. Lettuce, spinach mustard and onions are all frost tolerant. I am taking a chance and planting some stuff like peppers and tomatoes outside. I haven't seen any frost forecast but that doesn't mean anything. I figure I can cover any plants if need be. But the garden is an El Cheapo one this year......

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Since I have to hand water my small garden, I will use straw as a mulch. I have plenty left from last year for my chickens and it should help retain water in my frames. So this got me thinking.

I've not tried the straw as a mulch, but if it helps the soil retain water, then it can't hurt. One article I read says with straw mulch, the author only has to water once a week. If I can reduce having to water to every 2-3 days, save my old bones the twear and tear. Since I don't belive everything I read (and live in the show me state), I will give it try.

Just buying survival seed doesn't cut it. I've got plenty of experice gardening in Ohio, not so much in Missouri. Ohio always got plenty of rain, here not so much. So I am still working on getting gardening here worked out. If I had a well, no problem. Hand watering strains my body.

I am getting too old to carry a bunch of water by hand. A little I can handle. So based on what I've read, adding plenty of straw might reduce my water carrying alot. So I intend keep plenty of straw on hand. I know it's simple, should have thought on this before. But you can't think of everything all the time. Life is a step by step learning expeience.

Hopefully I will get this all worked out one of these years...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The only constant is change

I was in court this last Thursday as I am suing my neighbor. My unwanted nieghbor hired a third rate attorney. Who has filed 3 Motions to Dismiss and will soon be fiilg a 4th. I have the judge tied up as I know his Achillies heel. The oppostion thinks I am the one who is tied up. Of course I am playing chess and the niebors attorney is playing tiddly winks. He's just not smart enough to see it, YET. Dealing with me is like walking through a mine field. I construct traps within traps for the unwary.

I am not a lawyer but learned long ago that most lawyers aren't that bright. The law is not rocket science or any where close. Written to obfiscate and be subject to interpretation, but not all that complicated. More people are acting as Pro Se litigants these days. Anyone with a higher 3 digit IQ can easily figure it all out.
It does take experience, which can only be learned the hard way if you become your own lawyer, but it has personally been well worth the sacrifice for me. I laugh at those who threaten to sue me and put a hurting on those I do sue.
I figured out long ago that lawyers belong to the circle jerk club. Since I am not nor do I want to be a member, I tend to be able to mess up their best laid plans. Learning all this has cost me over the years, but I am able to wreck havic on my emenies. A life without challenges is not a good life. You must challenge life, struggle and reach daily for some unattainable goal. Else your life is meaningless. That's my belief.
My neighbor crossed a line he should have NEVER crossed, I will keep him tied up in court for years. I am vindictive that way. He pays an attorney, I don't. My cost in this lawsuit has been hardly anything. Now on to change. I moved out here to get away from his kind. (D). This ain't (D) country and only a fool of that ilk would bring their stupidity back in these hills. Can't fix stupid.
Most people take the path of least resistance. They want and must have that normalcy bias in their lives. They refuse to get out of thier comfort zones. That's what the above is really all about. I am a fighter, life gave no other option. Instead of accepting that, I get up and do war with the world daily. I know no other way.
If you not reaching for some goal, you are merely existing, living out your days to no end. Fine if you're a sheeple, but not if you love life and the pursuit of happiness.
Embrace change, it's your best friend. Go with the flow only if it benifits you, but fight like hell when you've been wronged. Only sheep allow themselves to be herded and we know how sheep end up, usually with mint jelly.
Around here I am still making my little 7 acre homestead a home. Always some improvement to be made. I have picked up some more plants, at 4 for a Buck, it's hard not too. I got some sun sugar tomatoes. These plants can grow to 7'-9' tall and produce a 100 cherry tomatoes per plant. Nothing like pulling a cherry tomato off the vine and popping it into the mouth.
Change is good.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ohms Law

Electrons always take the path of least resistence. Same can be said of people.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spinach Mustard

I planted my lettuce and spinach mustard in my 4'x4' frame. Both are popping up after 7 days. Spinach Mustard (mustard Spinach) grows super fast. It is leafy plant like lettuce. Tastes fantastic in a salad. I tried it last year and fell in love with it.

You can get it 4 packets for $1 at Dollar General. Good stuff in my opinion. Nutrient rich.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Heirloom vs Hybrids vs GMO

 Heirloom and Hybrids are OK. GMO I stay away from. Heirloom are plants that haven't been modified. Hybrids are cross breed plants. Remember Gregor Mendel.
Hybrid plants are simply crossbred plants, X amount of crossbreeding occurs naturally anyway. Creating a hybrid plant is simply speeding up and directing the process. Two compatible plants might not crossbbreed naturally seperated by distance. Bringing the two together makes cross breeding possible. Unfortunaetly hybrid plants don't alway pass the traits to successive generations.

GMO is going in and modifying the plants at a gentic level. This I believe could have unintended consequences. Cross breeding is a fairly natural process, compatible plants follow the natuaral rules of selection. GMO's pervert this process. I am not convinced this is good. Too much Science these days has become junk science in my opinion. I am all for sound science, but we see countless examples these days of the perversion of sound scienctific principles. A topic for another discussion.

So I stick to heirloom plants and hybrid plants. It's my preference. I wasn't sure about hybrids until I looked into them, so I am passing on my thoughts on the subject.

Hybrid seed doesn't always breed true, which means if you keep the seed from last year, it might not maintain it's disired charactistics. This is why heirloom plants are best as they breed true if harvesting seed is important to you. But eating hybrid plants is fine with me. Just perfer heirloom to seeds if growing from seed. Since I get my hybrid plants 4/$1, I don't much care.

This isn't meant to be a scientific analyzes, it's just my opinion. Some of the plants I bought recently are hybrids. I thought I'd spend some time looking into it. Like many people I didn't understand the difference before I took a look see.....