Tuesday, July 7, 2015

RV Living

Living in an RV has it's pluses and minuses. Most are designed by idiots. I have an old Coachman and it was clearly designed by idiots. I curse the designers a lot as my wife points out often. Piss poor design flow from my mouth often proceeded by and followed by many expletive deleteives.

The roof is actually recessed so water pools on the roof. It has a top AC unit, the design was piss poor. Had it been designed right, it wouldn't leak. Too much to ask for. RV's are poorly built and designed. That's the bottom line.

But they are a cheap shelter option. Hot as hell in the summer and cold in the winter. Just the way things are. All life is a trade off.

My TT (travel trailer) refrigerator died last week. Had a hell of a time getting the old one out. Since it was an electric/propane job, I had to get a brass plug and plug the propane line. Then finally after messing with it for 3-4 days finally got it out.

As I've said before, living out in the sicks you got to do for yourself. Hence the term hilljack. Jack of all trade. I won't even go into clogged black water tank issues. Talk about a shit job.

I'll order a new smaller refrig later on, put it in where the old one was. An electric one, screw the propane.

If the power goes out the propane stove doesn't work. Super intelligent design. I'll likely find a way to work around that.

My TT isn't going anyway. It's sits here and will continue to sit here. I added two AC units to beat the heat. Window AC units. The summers here can get brutal. The winters can go below zero sometimes. So living in an RV isn't something everyone can handle. It's not without it's ups and downs.

This coming winter I will run a new circuit from the power pole. Install a higher power electric heater. Electric used to be the most expensive heat option, now it's actually the cheapest here.

My electric bill runs about $100 in the winter on average, depending on how cold it gets.
Note I said I will run the power line. Jack of all trade.

My old handle was hilljack33 to those who remember.  I only consult professionals when I can't handle the job myself. They ain't getting rich off me that's for sure. I come from a long line of do for yourselfers.

If you're handy you will make out fine living in an RV, if not you will likely curse the experience. I curse a lot because I like to curse, but wouldn't trade this way of living for nothing. Just my 2 cents...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fiber Optics

I live out in the sticks. Can barely get cell phone reception out here without a booster. The local electric company put in fiber optics.  I love it.

I was stuck with Dish for TV and "internet". Worst internet I've ever seen. If you live out in the middle of nowhere like I do, you use what you can get. The TV wasn't bad but grossly overpriced. The "internet" I couldn't wait to dump and did the day the electric co op installed the fiber. I am saving so much money it's pathetic.

I ordered Netflix and BasicTalk the same day. I've still got money left over from my old Dish bill even paying for Netflix and BasicTalk.

I hate the programming packages foisted on us. I hate giving CNN and MSNBC one single dime of my money. Not even listed on my FAVORITES, I don't watch them. I figure I watch at the max 20 channels (and many of those not that often). But had to pay for 200 just to get the 25. Raw deal in my world. When I can get all the channels off the internet I want to watch, by by TV packages....

Network TV is a joke. 20 minutes of commercials and 40 minutes ( if your lucky) of brain numbing commercials, mostly from companies that I boycott because of their offensive commercials.

Love my mute.

I got a ROKU 2. Love it. If I could get ALA CARTE programming I'd be one happy camper. I hate sports.  I don't speak Mexican, so why do I have to pay for stuff I don't watch ? So these worthless companies can go on existing !?!?!?!  On my dime !?!?!

Dish offered me a bunch a stuff if I'd stay, I laughed and dumped them like a bad habit.
So I am happy the local electric co op installed fiber. Love it. Don't have to wait minutes to load many websites. 3 seconds on many. But some like BreitBart take minutes because of all the crappy ads and scripts. I download them in the background so I can switch back to them while doing other things. I open a number tabs so I don't have to wait.

I got 100 Gigabit download speed. Life in the fast lane out in the sticks...

But sure don't miss Dish at all.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Is everything. I got a really bad hip and back. These are mechanical issues. Not a lame excuse, I deal with the pain everyday.  But I do work at keeping my overall health on track. I take working toward being healthy seriously.

I've recently discovered two suppliments I have been taking.
  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Organic Apple cider vinegar

The beauty of these two suppliments is that they are about $5.00 each. Cheap.

I had a bout of serious heartburn about a month ago. So bad my chest hurt. So I did some research and found out about Organic Apple Cider vinegar. Got to contain "mother". Started taking it and it cleared the heart burn right up. My wife who has GI issues, also benefited from taking it.

My looking into it also brought up candida. Which is a yeast in the GI tract that once it gets out of control, causes all kinds of issues. Coconut oil kills it off. Bringing the intestinal flora back into balance.

Coconut oil also killed off my desire for sweets. I was frankly surprised by that benefit. Candida can increase your desire for sweets because candida feeds on sugars. Increases your desire for sugar.  It's funny that a yeast on the micro scale can affect the macro scale (our bodies).

I am not selling anything here, just passing on some things I've learned. I find that taking two teaspoons a day of coconut oil actually curbs my desire to eat.

I eat less and don't crave sweet things. In time I should lose some weight.

Coconut oil is rich in MCT's. I won't go into them, but they are burned by the body and not stored as fat. Google it.

Organic Apple cider vinegar also has some amazing benefits. It also helps regulate the intestinal flora. I am firmly believe that keeping your gut healthy is the foundation to good health. Clean out the bad stuff, repopulate with good stuff (probiotic's). Your stomach will thank you.

FYI - Take this info as you will.

Friday, July 3, 2015

FICO Scroes

Typical banker nonsense. Clearly the people behind FICO scores are brain dead idiots. Dumber than rocks. Unless they have ulterior motives that is which I suspect.

I have a credit card. I pay the balance off EVERY month. It's a NO FEE card. I get to use their money free for 30 days. I won't pay high interest rates. When I got the card they gave me a $300 credit limit. I considered that an INSULT. So I pay off the balance each month and they make no money off me. I get 30 days of float on their dime.

My way of giving them the finger for insulting my intelligence.

Back to FICO scores, what a joke. See I don't play their game. My land payment isn't reported to the slime ball credit reporting agencies. I pay cash for almost everything and have damned few loans. So my FICO score is LOW. The system is so corrupt that ANYONE can dirty up your credit anyway. Identity theft is rampant. It's bad when the system can't protect YOUR identity. Pathetic.

So like many Americans I don't play in their system unless it benefits me. I've only got one foot in their system. The rest is outside of their purview. F'm. Frankly I don't need them.

They forced me to find alternative ways years ago. I paid cash for years. I learned prepaid phones worked for me. If I wanted something I saved money up and paid cash.

Now, somethings you have to take out loans for. Unless you live in a cardboard box under a bridge. Car loans, mortgages, etc. So you can't totally escape the "system". But if you're smart you can avoid feeding most of these parasites.

I get offers all the time in the mail. I read the fine print. I laugh my ass off then shred the offers. 100%, 400% interest, 1000% interest. Screw em, I don't need them. I refuse to be their fool.

My FICO score actually went down and I pay my frig'n bills on time every month.

Explain that to me !?!?!?!

I thought it was hilarious myself. Was I mad ??? Hell no. Because I don't need them and their stupid FICO scores. I live cheap and have cash. Why am I telling you this ???

Because it took me years to figure it all out. How the system works and how to game it like it would game me if I was dumb enough to fall for it. I like people who are aware of how to beat this corrupt system. The more the merrier. If enough people gave them the finger...

Sometimes I get stuck paying high interest loans, but have few of them anyway. My total bills work out to 35% of my income, all bills. Giving me 65% to do with as I please. Am I a dumbass ???

Used to be once upon a time. But I got smart. Cash is king works for me.

Fico scores are a joke and the credit reporting scam system is a joke. Banks are a joke. Once you realize what a joke they are, you are free to laugh at them and their pathetic system. I know I do. They need me more than I need them, they are just too stupid to realize it.Without a steady stream of suckers, they'd go out of business.

I live in a beat up old TT (travel trailer). Paid for. I drive old cars, one is paid for the other isn't hard to pay for each month. Small percentage of my income. I buy food on the cheap. Grow a little garden, live like a king. Throw steaks on the Weber, drink good beer, chase it with Jim Beam. Puff on big cigars. Life couldn't be better. I live the good life because I know how to manage money. I ain't bragging, just work hard at it.

Again I am writing this post for edacation purposes. If you don't understand money, you will be a slave to their system. Simple as that. Just saying.

Everybody wants to be rich, but how many actually study money ? How many understand it ? Just saying.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I have been avoiding politics for some time. I look at the GOP (since they stabbed us in the back big time) and look with disdain on all the GOP candidates. F'm. Except for Trump. Maybe Rand Paul.  Of course I believe voting won't change a damned thing. Rigged game.

I am sure P.T. Barnum would be proud of Trump. What ever his motives, I like what he says so far. I'd love to see a Trump/Vince McMahon ticket. Pure entertainment. Because the politicians running now are a pathetic joke. All of them. Lying sacks of human garbage.

I'd vote for Trump just because he ain't a foul smelling lying politicians. Sure couldn't be worse than the crap we have in office (all positions) now.

If Trump doesn't get the nomination I ain't voting. While he isn't likely to get it, Regan was a slim shot too.  People are pissed and who knows what will happen when people are this pissed. Now I've never watched his show, can't say I am a fan.

But I did listen to his announcement. Said everything I wanted to hear. So just to show my disgust with the GOP, I'd vote for him should he actually get the nomination just to be contrarian .

If voting changed a damned thing, they'd outlaw it anyway as they say.

Trump may be a clown to some people, but he's as Vince McMahon says, got a pair the size of grape fruits....

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rural Living

I lost my blogging mo jo. While I have a lot to say, I feel a lot of it is a waste of time. So have focused on my reality.

So I am going to talk in this post about something close to my heart. Rural Living. As an old retired guy living on a fixed income, I got to make my income go further. I bought a freezer last week.
Where I live there are two stores ran by Mennonites. A people I have tremendous respect for, even if I don't buy into their religious beliefs. Good people in general.

I ordered a freezer. Now when my freezer came, I needed to buy frozen food to put in it obviously. So I went shopping. Spent $110. Filled the freezer half full. 5 Cu feet. I am not talking just veggies, I am talking  6 steaks, bacon, sausage, a pork tenderloin of good size and veggies of course. $110 for a half freezer of food. I will fill the other half soon. This is good quality food, not junk food. To give you some example of the savings I get, 6 egg rolls for $1.42. 1 1/2 lbs of white cheddar cheese $2.99. I could go on.  But I save 50% on most of my food over the cheap stores. Forget the upity up stores.

Now there is no way in hell I could get food cheaper in this country at least if I lived in some damned city or suburb. Simple economic reality.

I specifically chose this place I live because the cost of living was low. Frankly I couldn't live as well in most parts of the country. I know this and I am glad there are still places left where on a limited income,  can still live well. That is rural America. 
Many retired people know what I know. If you have X amount to live on, you find a place where your money goes further. Duh, that ain't complicated. Many retire in foreign countries, not my cup of tea, but I understand.

I couldn't rent a place in many places for what I pay for 7 acres of land. If I could find one it might be down town Detroit and hell hasn't frozen over yet. Choices.

If you make the right choices, you win. Make the wrong choices, you lose.
Rural America is the only place I want to be. While the setup cost is high, the payoff is living well on far less money. Then in general the people are nicer generally. Not all, a low life scum bag moved in next to me, but in general the people around here are decent. Friendlier. Nicer mind their own damned business types. My kind of people.

So I am pro-rural to the hilt. You can keep your cities and burbs. I had a belly full of that years ago. Making some scum bag landlord rich off the sweat of my labor. Dealing with idiot neighbors (still dealing it with I guess), Moved out here to get away from scum bags, yet one followed me here ;-)

The bottom line is it is often (but not always) cheaper to retire in a very rural area than some city or suburb.
That's all I got to say right now.

Thursday, May 28, 2015